Traité des vapeurs

Treatise on ancient psychiatry by M. Lange, medecin du Roi.


Edward Lee Thorndike, in his chapter on mental illness and magic, noted:

"Lange did not consider" the vapours that continually rise from each body by the action of celestial matter that penetrates it, "but the vapours produced internally in the human body, including melancholy and hysteria. According to him, this was done by fermentation of volatile salts in the brain and fixed salts in the spleen. The vapours were spreading through the nerves, although they also had to let the spirits of the animals through. Epilepsy was caused by the vapours of fermentation in the brain; melancholy, by those of the spleen; while hysteria was caused by seminal ferments.
For epilepsy, Lange used human skull oil and, for specific remedies, it was advisable to check the Livre des secrets de Monsieur de Blegny"

Traité des vapeurs

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    Traité des vapeurs ou leur origine, leurs effets et leur remèdes sont mécaniquement expliquez

    Author: Lange

    Publisher: la Veuve de Denis Nion



    Language: French

    Binding: Leather

    Pages: [16], 295, [1] p.

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    Rare first edition, full leather binding, some wormholes in the margins