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On Truth and Meaning

As one of the world's leading and most highly-acclaimed contemporary theorists, Christopher Norris has spent much of the last twenty years trying to promote better relations and mutual understanding between the divisive analytic and continental philosophical traditions. In his new book, On Truth and Meaning , Norris examines key issues in the philosophy of logic, mind and language those that have defined the agenda of current debate in analytic philosophy. Among the book's central themes are a number of much-rehearsed, but as yet unresolved questions that have preoccupied many leading analytic philosophers. In a fresh and provocative examination of recent debates, Norris shows certain features of the analytic enterprise in a sharp and revealing light, and proposes that those who approach such debates from an analytic viewpoint might profit by reflecting on the challenge posed to their accustomed modes of thought by certain distinctly 'continental' themes. Arguing that, contra to the orthodox view, philosophers in the continental line of descent, from Husserl to Derrida, have long engaged with the same sorts of issues that preoccupy their analytic counterparts, Norris explores both traditions alongside one another in order to point up certain contrasts or communities of interest. In this timely and provocative book, Norris proposes grounds for a new era of cooperation and mutual interrogative exchange between the two schools of thought in a narrative that will engage and influence those from both philosophical camps.

On Truth and Meaning

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  • Details

    Auteur: Christopher Norris

    Uitgever: Continuum

    ISBN: 9780826491282

    Taal: Engels

    Bindwijze: Paperback

    Verschijningsdatum: 2007

    Aantal pagina's: 205

  • Tweedehands exemplaar

    In zeer goede staat

'Het zou mooi zijn boeken te kopen als we de tijd om ze te lezen erbij konden kopen, maar meestal verwart men het kopen van boeken met het toe-eigenen van de inhoud ervan.'

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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