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Ezra Pound, The Solitary Volcano

John Tytell's work offers an interpretive study that confronts the emotional truths and psychological drama that formed this complex and controversial American poet. It presents an exploration into the mind and vision of a man who galvanized a generation and challenged an entire literary - and world - establishment. Although he enjoyed little fame in his lifetime, Pound's notoriety and influence were enormous, as he arrogantly slashed away at convention and almost single-handedly brought about the twentieth-century revolution in poetry known as modernism. Ultimately, outrage and scandal turned his art to madness, and Pound's last years saw him fall tragically silent

Ezra Pound, The Solitary Volcano

19,50 €Prijs
  • Details

    Auteur: John Tytell

    Uitgever: Ivan R. Dee

    ISBN: 9781566635592

    Taal: English

    Bindwijze: Paperback

    Verschijningsdatum: 2004

    Aantal pagina's: 368

  • Beschrijving exemplaar

    In perfecte staat

'Het zou mooi zijn boeken te kopen als we de tijd om ze te lezen erbij konden kopen, maar meestal verwart men het kopen van boeken met het toe-eigenen van de inhoud ervan.'

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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