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At the End of an Age

At the End of an Age is a reflection on the nature of historical and scientific knowledge. Of extraordinary philosophical, religious, and historical scope, it is the product of a great historian's lifetime of thought on the subject of his discipline and the human condition. While running counter to most of the accepted ideas and doctrines of our time, it offers a compelling framework for understanding history, science, and man's capacity for self-knowledge.
In this work, John Lukacs describes how we in the Western world have now been living through the ending of an entire historical age that began in Western Europe about five hundred years ago. Unlike people during the ending of the Middle Ages or the Roman empire, we can know where we are. But how and what is it that we know?

At the End of an Age

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  • Details

    Auteur: John Lukacs

    Uitgever: Yale University Press

    ISBN: 9780300092967

    Taal: Engels

    Bindwijze: Gebonden met linnen rug en stofomslag

    Verschijningsdatum: 2002

    Aantal pagina's: 230

  • Tweedehands exemplaar

    In zeer goede staat

'Het zou mooi zijn boeken te kopen als we de tijd om ze te lezen erbij konden kopen, maar meestal verwart men het kopen van boeken met het toe-eigenen van de inhoud ervan.'

Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860)

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